Premium frying pan Rosmarino HexaPRO - 20 cm

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Product Overview

✅ The hybrid combination of materials – stainless steel, aluminum, and a non-stick coating – ensures rapid and even heat distribution, maximum strength, and scratch resistance.

✅ Suitable for experimental oven cooking,
the cookware is resistant up to 220°C.

✅ Seamlessly integrated non-stick coating
with a laser structure ensures a professional kitchen experience without food sticking to the cookware.

✅ The swift and reliable heat distribution
helps achieve uniformly cooked dishes.

✅ The non-stick coating
allows for carefree use with metallic utensils and minimal food sticking.

Renowned chefs have chosen HexaPro cookware as their kitchen companions. Each, with their distinct styles and accomplishments, unanimously endorse HexaPro Cookware as the indisputable choice for those who demand the absolute best in their culinary pursuits.

MasterChef Winner's Recommendation: "I admit. This is the Mercedes among cookware!"

Rosmarino HexaPRO is the perfect choice for those who want to achieve the results of the finest restaurants in the comfort of their own kitchen. With its exceptional durability, scratch resistance, and advanced HexaPRO technology, it enables top-notch dish preparation. Trust your culinary dreams and let this premium cookware take you on a culinary journey without compromises.

For professional cooking, like in a restaurant. This is cookware you can trust.

Introducing a synonym for excellence: the durability of stainless steel and non-stick features that make cooking even easier. HexaPRO is the result of innovative hybrid technology that combines a multilayer composition of cookware for professional results. This is premium cookware that elevates your culinary skills to a higher level.

Hybrid technology for outstanding results. HexaPro combines the best of both worlds.

The entire HexaPRO cookware line has an indestructible layer that is resistant to scratches. This means that neither knives nor metal spatulas will damage the surface of the cookware. Laser-cut steel hexagons ensure a durable surface that allows for even heat distribution and perfect cooking.

Indestructible combination of materials. For the best scratch resistance.

Rosmarino HexaPRO impresses with its premium non-stick coating, allowing for flawless cooking without unnecessary food sticking. This means that dishes won't adhere to the bottom, making it easier to prepare your favorite meals. In addition, cleaning is easier than ever before, as food does not stick to the surface. Another advantage is the handles that do not heat up during cooking (*except in the oven, where the use of protective gloves is mandatory). Cooking will be even more relaxed and carefree.

Flawless cooking without food sticking and stay cool handles.

Do you enjoy preparing dinners and lunches in the oven? The HexaPRO pot is not only excellent for cooking on various stovetops but also safe for use in the oven at temperatures up to 220 °C. With it, you can create a variety of dishes and experiment anywhere, anytime.

For experimental baking in the oven, up to 220 °C.


A) Laser hexagonal structure – Laser-cut steel hexagons create a durable surface, ensuring even heat distribution and perfect baking.

B) Premium non-stick coating – Seamlessly integrated non-stick coating with a laser structure offers a a professional kitchen experience without food sticking to the pot and easy cleaning.

2. INTERIOR LAYER OF STAINLESS STEEL A premium layer of stainless steel makes the entire cookware even more durable and suitable for professional use.

3. ALUMINUM CORE The cookware's body consists of a thicker layer of aluminum, which is an excellent heat conductor. This means that heat is distributed quickly and evenly from the bottom of the cookware to its edges.

4. EXTERNAL "MAGNETIC" LAYER OF STAINLESS STEEL Stainless steel encompasses the entire exterior of the cookware, providing optimal material durability. It is compatible with gas, electric, glass ceramic, and induction cooking hobs, and you can also use the cookware in the oven.